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Part NumberYearPart DescriptionRetail
10661966Trico Vacuum Wiper Motor Gasket Set (3 Gaskets)$2.95
10731957Electro-Vac Tag & Decal: F.I. Passenger Cars w/ Electro-Vac Boost Pumps$34.95
10731957-65Fuel Injector Dog House Tag & Rivets (Tags are blank.)$15.95
10751957Fuel Injection Throttle Arm for Passenger Cars$75.95
1094Early F.I.Fuel Injection Throttle Rod Early Rochester (Bellcrank to Main Butterfly Shaft)$32.95
10951957-65Fuel Injection Pump Shaft & Pin$21.95
20511957Replacement Corvette F. I. Air Cleaner Filter$21.95
20521957Corvette F.I. A/C w/Air Filter, Mounting Stud. Has tab on ring like original.$995.00
20551957Electro-Vac Switch for Vac. Wiper Motor to Control Vac. Boost Pump$295.00

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