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Part NumberYearPart DescriptionRetail
10021953-61Master Cylinder Cap Gasket$1.95
10031957*Master Cylinder to Firewall Gasket$1.95
10041955-57Master Cylinder Accessory Gasket Kit (1 FW, 1 M/C, 2 Copper Washers)$5.95
10051955-61Master Cylinder Copper Washers$2.95
10061957*Heater Cable Retainer Clips$2.95
10081957*Dash Indicator Light Lens - Generator, Oil, Red & Green Lens$13.95
10191955-56*Dash Indicator Light Kit (oil, gen., 1 red, 2 green lens with tubes)$20.95
10201955-57*Emergency Brake Handle (Black)$20.95
10211957*Instrument Face Kit/Auto. Trans. (Black/w rubber gaskets, red & green lens.)$25.95
1021-S1957*Instrument Face Kit/Stand. Trans. (Black/w rubber gaskets, red & green lens.)$25.95
10341955-61Rear End Vent Tube - 3 speed close ratio trans. & 4 speed tail shaft vent tube$21.95
1055-11953-02Inside Protective Door Handle Washer (1)$1.35
10581955-65Rear End Third Member Washers & Nuts$12.95
10591950-70Engine Pan & Rear Axle Housing Drain Plug Nylon Washer Seals (2)$2.95
10681949-57Headlight Beam Adjusting Screws & Inserts (4 ea.) Corvette years 1953-57.$13.95
10761955-64Lower Drain Seal Clips -Door bottoms, station wagon tail gates & "J" seals (12)$7.95
10771957Chevrolet Gas Door Stops$5.95
20401956-61Corvette 2X4 Intake manifold Lower Metal Oil Baffle Plate w/Four Rivets$25.95
20411956-61Manifold Lower Metal Oil Baffle Plate Rivets (Set of Four)$4.95

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