Carburetor & Fuel Injection Restoration Services
We restore everything to NCRS standards.
Here is a sample of our services and prices.
It is recommended that you call for quotes on other parts not listed below.
Prices do not include replacement parts or shipping.

Single Four Barrel: $395.00
Dual Quads: $795.00
Tri-Power: $795.00
Single Two Barrel: $195.00

Fuel Injection Basic Restoration
(Does not include parts, plating or other outside services.)

Aluminum Restoration Services
Manifold: $110.00
Set of Valve Covers: $110.00
We also do bell housings, transmission and other miscellaneous aluminum parts.
Please call for more information before shipping.
Please note: minimum charge is $25 no matter the part size.

We guarantee customer satisfaction.

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